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Mental Health Treatment Centers

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Lead Tracking Built for Admission Teams

It’s simple. If you can’t track your leads, you’re losing clients to the competition.


Make Smarter, Informed Marketing Decisions

IntakeTracker gives you the power to make smarter and more informed marketing decisions using data, not guesswork. We’re currently in beta, but you can apply for access today! Everything shows up in one place – calls, form submissions, live chats, and everything else!


Track Multiple Sources & Streamline Communication

IntakeTracker unifies all your existing admissions tracking tools in a single user-friendly environment. IntakeTracker picks up where other CRMs left off. Our innovative, built-in tools have the power to give your treatment facility the boost it needs to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Using a shared cloud software platform, IntakeTracker promotes visibility and communication organization-wide.

Tools To Evaluate Online & Offline Marketing

We're disrupting the status-quo of client data management.


Custom Integrations

No matter how you’re currently managing your marketing data, IntakeTracker can integrate your existing system into our software.**


Wordpress Plugin

IntakeTracker includes a plugin that gets along with most popular form solutions on Wordpress, allowing for seamless communication with your existing website.


Insurance Verification

Insurance verification has never been easier. With IntakeTracker, you can look up benefits directly within our software.


Paid Search Optimization

IntakeTracker’s ability to extract granular data points allows you to pinpoint your target audience.

Bringing Teams Together

IntakeTracker is optimized for team-based environments.


Multiple Users

IntakeTracker lets you create unique permission levels for anyone on your team.


Call Scheduling

Using IntakeTracker, intake specialists can dynamically plan call times around each other’s work schedules.


HIPPA Compliant

We've partnered with Amazon to make sure your data safe and secure.


The beta version is available to a select few companies.

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